Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

Adventure Island Delhi is like a big playground, but way cooler! The park has a lot of rides that will make you scream with joy (or maybe a little scared), and water slides that will keep you cool on a hot day. Here’s a super easy guide to what awaits you to know about all Adventure Island Rides.

My Personal Experience after taking Adventure Island Rides (Scared and Crazy Vibes!)

Dude, you won’t believe the epic day I had at Adventure Island Rohini or may be Adventure Island Rides! My friends and I rode EVERYTHING. The Cyclone was insane – I screamed like a crazy person on that first drop! I swear I felt like I was floating on air for a second before that crazy drop had me screaming my lungs out! We were totally messed after the Twister, but laughing so much our faces hurt.

We chilled by the lake for a bit. It was super relaxing after all the rollercoaster thrills. Then things got REALLY fun – the water rides! We were all yelling and laughing like crazy! Splash Mountain was like a full-on water war. We got soaked from head to toe, and it was amazing!

By the end, we were wiped out but happy as can be. We finished with a ride on the Ferris wheel as the sun set, seeing the whole park lit up with all these cool colours. It was the perfect way to end an awesome day. We rode everything we could, laughed a ton, and made memories that’ll last forever. Seriously, I wanna go back already for another round of rides, water wars, and maybe even some more pizza!

Super Fun Scary Rides

Z-Force Rollercoaster

Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

This is one of the Adventure Island Rides is like going upside down on a super fun swing! It flips you over and over and brings you down real fast – like riding a roller coaster on a crazy loop!

Side Winder

Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

Imagine a giant swing that goes way up in the air. That’s Side Winder! You get a super cool view before going down fast for a tummy-tingling drop!

Lightning Bolt

Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

Need a super duper speed rush? Lightning Bolt is like a rocket! It zooms off super fast, then does loops and twists that will make you dizzy with delight!

Space Jump

Feeling brave? Take a giant swing ride that goes way up, like you’re touching the sky! Then, hold on tight for a super fun fall back down! Don’t miss this one in the list of Adventure Island Rides.

Adventure Island Rides for the Whole Group


This ride spins you around and around, but in a gentle way. It’s like being on a merry-go-round that goes up and down a bit, perfect for a fun ride with the whole family!

Air Pogo

Remember bouncy castles? Air Pogo is like a giant one! You can jump super high in the air, feeling weightless and free! It’s a blast for everyone.

Wave Rocker

Ahoy there! This giant pirate ship rocks back and forth like crazy waves. Hold on tight and pretend you’re on a pirate adventure!

Get Soaked and Splashy! Water Time

Splash Down

Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

This water slide is like a super fun rollercoaster, but it ends with a BIG splash in a pool! It’s the perfect way to cool down and get soaked on a hot day along with Adventure Island Rides.

Splash Dunk

Adventure Island Rides: My Epic Day at Adventure Island Delhi

This water slide is a gentler ride for little ones. They’ll get a fun splash without going too fast, making it a perfect first water slide experience.

Amazon Mist Forest

Take a relaxing boat ride through a pretend rainforest. It’s cool and shady, with fake waterfalls and mist to keep you fresh. It’s a nice break from all the rides and a great way to relax.

More Than Just Rides!

Adventure Island has even more fun stuff to do besides Adventure Island Rides:

  • Climbing Wall: See if you can climb all the way to the top of this giant wall!
  • Wild Wheel: Bump and spin your way to victory in these crazy bumper cars.
  • Bungee Trampoline: Jump way up in the air like you’re defying gravity!
  • Putting Green: Practice your mini-golf skills on this fun course.

Who Should Take These Adventure Island Rides?

Adventure Island Delhi offers rides for all ages and thrill levels! Just to give you comfort before going and buying tickets online for Adventure Island Rides, here are a few things that you should know to decide which rides are best for you:

For the Thrill Seekers

Z-Force Rollercoaster, Side Winder, Lightning Bolt, Space Jump: These rides involve intense drops, high speeds, and inversions. They are best for those with a strong sense of balance and can keep themselves calm during sudden drops.

For the Whole Family

Cyclone, Air Pogo, Wave Rocker, Tiny Tots Transit, Fire Brigade: These rides offer a moderate level of thrills and are suitable for most ages, including young children and adults who may not be interested in intense experiences. You must not miss this fun and exciting experience.

For Getting Wet and Wild

Splash Down: This water coaster offers a thrilling ride with a splashy finale, best for those comfortable with a bit of a scare and getting soaked.

Splash Dunk: This water slide is nice and slow, perfect for little ones who want to try out a water slide for the first time. It won’t be too scary and they’ll get a fun splash at the end!

Amazon Mist Forest: Take a break from all the Adventure Island Rides and cool off on a relaxing boat ride through a pretend rainforest. It’s like a lazy river with fake waterfalls and mist to keep you nice and fresh. Perfect for everyone who want to enjoy some chill pill moments.

SHA LA LA & H2O: These are two water slides with different levels of excitement. SHA LA LA is a fun twisty-turny slide that the whole family can enjoy together. H2O is a bit more intense with a super steep drop, so it’s best for bigger kids and grown-ups who like a thrill!

Other Factors to Consider

Height restrictions: Always check the height restrictions for each ride before getting in line. There are height restrictions for different adventure island rides like for climbing walls, the height should be 4ft, for sky riders, the minimum height should be 105 cm and above for safety reasons.

Fear of heights of Adventure Island Rides or enclosed spaces: If you have a fear of heights or enclosed spaces, some rides may not be suitable for you.

Ultimately, the best way to choose Adventure Island Rides are to consider your own comfort level and preferences. Adventure Island offers a variety of rides to cater to everyone, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy!

Get ready for a day full of fun at Adventure Island Rides, no matter your age!

Adventure Island Delhi is a guaranteed good time for everyone. So grab your friends and family and get ready for an unforgettable day of thrills, chills, and watery spills!

How Much do Tickets Cost for Adventure Island Rides?

Can I Buy Tickets Online for Adventure Island Rides?

Yes, you can purchase tickets online through the Adventure Island website. Buying online can save you time waiting in line at the park entrance.

Are there Any Discounts Available on Adventure Island Rides?

Discounts may be available for children (below a certain height) and senior citizens. It’s always best to check the park’s website for latest discount or for any ongoing promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the park’s opening hours?

Adventure Island Rohini is remains open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM everyday.

What kind of rides does Adventure Island have?

Adventure Island offers a variety of rides for all ages and thrill levels. There are roller coasters, water slides, family-friendly rides, and even a climbing wall. You can find a detailed list of rides on the park’s website.

Are there any height restrictions for the rides?

Yes, there are height restrictions for some rides for safety reasons. You can check their website for each ride high restrictions.

What are some things to do besides rides?

In addition to rides, Adventure Island offers other attractions like a climbing wall, bumper cars, bungee trampolines, and a mini golf course. There are also restaurants and snack stands where you can grab a bite to eat.

Does the park offer lockers for storing belongings?

Yes, lockers are not available at Adventure Island Rohini. However, it’s advisable to bring minimal belongings or leave valuables.

Can I bring food and drinks into the park?

Outside food and beverages are usually not allowed inside the park. There are restaurants and kiosks within the park where you can purchase refreshments.

What should I wear to the park?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking around the park. Since some rides involve getting wet, consider bringing a change of clothes and a waterproof poncho (especially during the monsoon season).

Is parking available?

Yes, Adventure Island Rohini has a large parking lot that can accommodate cars and two-wheelers. Parking charges typically apply.

Is the park accessible for people with disabilities?

Adventure Island strives to be accessible for all guests. Wheelchairs are available upon request, and ramps are provided in designated areas. It’s recommended to reach out to the park in advance if you have any specific accessibility requirements.

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