Sunder Nursery Tickets Price | Who Pays What (Who Gets In Free) 

Thinking about visiting Sunder Nursery in Delhi? This guide will answer all your questions about Sunder Nursery tickets Price, who gets in for free, and how to have a great visit!

My Personal Experience at Sunder Nursery in Summers

The Delhi sun was hot, but under the big trees in Sunder Nursery, it felt kinda nice. The air smelled like sweet flowers and fresh dirt. (Oh yeah, I paid Rs. 50, which is the Sunder Nursery Tickets Price for Indian Adults)

Giant old trees shaded the ground, making cool spots to relax in. Everywhere I looked, there were bright colors: pink and red flowers, and even some baby mangoes hanging from the trees! 

As I walked further, I heard loud bird calls – peacocks showing off! I saw kids running after butterflies, their laughter filling the air. A family was having a picnic nearby, with colorful food on a green blanket. It felt happy and peaceful all at once.

I stopped by a cool fountain with water trickling down, making a nice sound that covered up the city’s noise. It felt really relaxing, a break from the usual craziness of Delhi.

Sunder Nursery on a summer day was awesome! It was like a beautiful picture with old buildings, pretty plants, and just having fun outside. I knew I’d remember this day for a long time.

Sunder Nursery Tickets Price

For Indian Adults/ SAARC visitors (12+ years)Rs. 50
For Foreign Tourists (Visitors from other countries)Rs. 200
For Children between the ages of 5-12 yearsRs. 25
For Senior Citizens (60+ years for Indians)Rs. 25
Little kids (under 5)Free entry
Physically Challenged VisitorsFree entry

Sunder Nursery Online Ticket Booking

There’s no online booking yet for Sunder Nursery Tickets Price, so you just buy your ticket at the entrance. There’s a fee for parking too, by the way.

Sunder Nursery Parking Fee

Car ParkingRs. 100 for 4 hours weekdays & 200 for 4 hours on Sundays and Gazetted holidays.)
Two WheelerRs. 35 for Four Hours

Want to visit a lot? Let’s check Sunder Nursery Tickets Price of Passes

An annual pass lets you in as many times as you want for a set price. 

Book Your Annual Pass of Sunder Nursery

These passes are all different ways to get into Sunder Nursery as many times as you want for a set price, instead of buying a ticket every time you visit. You can buy any of the Passes:

Sunder Nursery Tickets Price

Individual Pass

This pass is for one person and is valid for a year from the date you buy it. It’s a good option if you plan on going to Sunder Nursery by yourself a lot.

Family Pass

This pass is for a family of two adults and two children (both under 15 years old). It’s valid for a year and is a cost-effective option if you’re planning on visiting together frequently. Sunder Nursery Tickets Price.

Special Pass

This pass is for senior citizens (over 60 years old) and children between 5 and 12 years old. It’s cheaper than the regular Individual Pass and is valid for a year.

Quarterly Pass

This pass is valid for 3 months. It’s a good option if you only want frequent access to Sunder Nursery for a shorter period, like a particular season. It’s available for adults and senior citizens at different prices.

IndividualRs 3,000 per year for individual guests to allow unlimited access for a year.
Family PassRs 7,500 per year For a family of two adults and two children (both below 15 years)  
Special PassRs 2,000 per year For senior citizens and children between the age of 5 and 12 years.  
Quarterly PassRs. 1000 for Adult and Rs. 750 Senior Citizen for 3 months

Sunder Nursery Timings

The park is open every day from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (last entry at 6:30 PM) in summer (April to September) and 7 am to 6 pm (last entry at 5.30 pm) in winter (October to March).

Tips for Your Trip

  • It can get busy on weekends and holidays, so if you like peace and quiet, try going on a weekday. Sunder Nursery Tickets Price are same for weekdays and weekends.
  • Bring some water and wear comfy shoes, there’s lots to see!
  • Sunder Nursery is a beautiful park with a cool history and tons of plants. This Sunder Nursery Tickets Price guide will help you plan your visit and get the most out of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sunder Nursery’s opening and closing hours?

Sunder Nursery is generally open every day from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM in summer from April to September and from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM in winter from October to March. However, the last entry is permitted at 6:30 PM in summer and 5:30 in winter.

Is Sunder Nursery ever closed?

In rare cases, Sunder Nursery might close due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, they’ll announce it beforehand on their social media channels and notice board at the entrance.

Is there a best time to visit?

Early mornings (around 7 AM) or evenings (before 7 PM) offer cooler temperatures, especially during summer. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends and holidays.

How much time do I need to explore Sunder Nursery?

The time depends on your pace and interests. A leisurely stroll could take 1-2 hours, while someone wanting to see everything in detail might need more.

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