Fabcafe Sunder Nursery: Chill Eats in a Park Paradise!

Love parks and good food? Then Fabcafe Sunder Nursery is your perfect picnic stop! This cafe isn’t your typical indoor spot. 

Imagine this: You’re surrounded by trees, with a lake view. Now add yummy food! That’s Fabcafe. Unlike other Fabcafes, this one lets you eat outside, soaking up the fresh air and scenery.

What’s on the Menu? 

Fabcafe has something for everyone:

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery: Chill Eats in a Park Paradise!

Healthy twists on Indian classics: It’s tasty AND good for you!

Cool takes on familiar European dishes: Think yummy pasta and pizzas.

North Indian favorites: Craving butter chicken or kebabs? They’ve got you covered.

You can check the complete Menu here: Sunder Nursery Fabcafe Menu

How is the Ambience of Fabcafe Sunder Nursery?

The overall vibe of Fabcafe by the Lake leans more towards casual and family-friendly

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery: Chill Eats in a Park Paradise!

Open-air seating

The main draw of the cafe is the outdoor seating, perfect for relaxed socializing and enjoying the fresh air. This setting is ideal for families with children who can move around more freely.

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery: Chill Eats in a Park Paradise!

Menu options

Fabcafe offers a mix of cuisines, including healthy takes on classics and familiar comfort food options. This caters to a wide range of palates, making it easier to find something everyone enjoys.


The cafe has charming lighting in the evenings.

The café is not for a romantic date. If you’re looking for a quiet and intimate setting with a focus on fine dining, Fabcafe might not be the best choice. But, for a casual date where you can enjoy good food and conversation in a beautiful outdoor setting, Fabcafe could be a great option.

Special Highlights of Sunder Nursery Fabcafe

Fab Cafe by the Lake boasts several unique design elements to make your experience memorable:

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery: Chill Eats in a Park Paradise!

Embrace the Outdoors

The cafe’s main charm lies in its open-air seating. Imagine rows of comfortable tables and chairs spread out under a canopy of trees. It allows you to dine amidst the park’s natural beauty.

Lakeside Charm

The cafe’s strategic positioning near the lake offers a breathtaking view that adds a calming and picturesque element to your meal.

Warm Evenings, Soft Lighting

As daylight fades, the cafe comes alive with string lights or fairy lights across the seating area. This creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for extending your visit into the cooler evening hours.

Seating for Every Mood

Fabcafe offers comfortable wooden benches and chairs arranged around tables, which is a good option for larger groups or families. 

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery Timings

Fabcafe by the Lake operates on the same schedule as Sunder Nursery itself:

Weekdays and Weekends: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Fab Cafe Sunder Nursery Parking

There is parking available at Sunder Nursery, but it’s not managed by Fabcafe specifically. It’s a public parking facility, so expect standard parking charges for cars and two-wheelers.

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery Booking

Currently, Fabcafe by the Lake does not offer online booking or reservations. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. This can be a good thing, especially if you’re flexible with your timing. However, if you’re visiting during peak hours or on weekends, you might encounter a wait for a table.

Fabcafe Sunder Nursery Reviews

Review 1 (5 stars): “Fabcafe by the Lake is a hidden gem! The outdoor seating with a view of the lake is stunning. The food was delicious, especially the paneer tikka masala. We will definitely be back!” – Sarah K.

Review 2 (4 stars): “Nice place to relax after exploring Sunder Nursery. The ambiance is lovely, especially in the evenings with the fairy lights. The service could be a bit faster, but overall, a good experience.” – Aditya M.

Review 3 (3 stars): “The location is fantastic, and the open-air seating is a great way to enjoy the park. However, the food portions were a bit small for the price. I would recommend it for a drink and a snack, but not for a full meal.” – Anjali S.

Review 4 (5 stars): “Perfect spot for a family outing! The kids loved running around the park after lunch. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and they even have a few high chairs available.” – Rohan J.

Review 5 (4 stars): “Great selection of vegetarian options on the menu. The butter chicken pizza was a fun twist! Parking can be a bit tricky, so be prepared.” – Maya S.

Review 6 (2 stars): “The wait for a table was quite long, even though it wasn’t a peak hour. The food was decent, but nothing special. Maybe it’s better for grabbing a coffee and enjoying the view.” – Amit B.

Review 7 (5 stars): “A delightful escape from the city noise! The fresh air and the sound of birds chirping make it a truly peaceful experience. I recommend trying their fresh juices and salads.” – Priya D.

Review 8 (4 stars): “Overall, a good cafe with a beautiful setting. The staff was helpful, and the service was quick. We had a minor issue with our order, but they resolved it promptly.” – Vikas R.

Review 9 (3 stars): “A bit on the pricey side for cafe food, but the location justifies it to some extent. The portions could be a bit bigger, especially for the price.” – Neha T.

Review 10 (5 stars): “We came here for a romantic evening, and it was perfect! The ambiance was lovely, and the food was delicious. We will definitely be coming back for a special occasion.” – Riya & Raj

Bonus Perks:

Bring your furry friend! Just keep them on a leash and be a responsible pet owner.

Special diets? No problem! Fabcafe caters to vegetarians, those with gluten-free or dairy-free needs, and more.

Prices are fair: You get good value for your money, considering the awesome location.

The Perfect Combo:

Exploring Sunder Nursery and then grabbing a bite at Fabcafe is a winning plan! It’s history, nature, and yummy food all rolled into one. So next time you’re at Sunder Nursery, don’t forget to refuel at Fabcafe – it’s the perfect way to relax and make your visit even more awesome!

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