Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Offer, Timings, Best Day to Visit

Adventure Island Rohini: A Fun Day Out for Everyone in Delhi!

Looking for some excitement in Delhi? With family or friends on a fun outing? Then look no further than Adventure Island Rohini! This amusement park is full of crazy rides, water slides to enjoy and keep everyone happy. Whether you are a kid or a teenager, or old age who are young at heart. I have shared everything about Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, location.

My Personal Experience at Adventure Island Rohini

You won’t believe the day I had at Adventure Island Rohini this weekend! Went with some friends (actually, with a group of friends), and the place was packed, yeah, right, crowded on weekends but the lines for the rides moved pretty quickly. So, we don’t have to wait longer. 

The water rides were insane! Especially the ones that soaked you completely – the perfect way to beat the Delhi heat, let me tell you. We also hit the rollercoaster, which went upside down and made my stomach do flips (in a good way!), which was awesome. There was definitely something for everyone there, and we laughed the whole time.

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, Best Day to Visit

Totally would have loved to ride some more stuff! But all in all, it was a fantastic day. Must go in a crazy group circle to laugh harder and capture moments. Check the Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price and here you can see the latest offers on price.

About Adventure Island Rohini

Adventure Island Rohini is a popular amusement park located in Rohini, Delhi, India. The park is spread over 62 acres of land, making it a perfect spot for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or looking for a relaxed family outing, Adventure Island has something to offer everyone.

What’s there to do?

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, Best Day to Visit

Adventure Island has something for everyone! If you like super scary rides that make your stomach drop, then you’ll love the Cyclone and the Rio Grande Rapids. There are also fun rides like Crazy Cars that will spin, spin and spin.

For little kids, there are tamer rides like Columbus’s Ship and the Tea Cups. They’ll also love riding around in paddle boats.

And if it’s a hot day in Delhi, you can cool off at the water rides! The Twister is a fun water slide, and you can relax on the Lazy River or float around in the wave pool.

On top of the rides, there’s a haunted house to spook you out, a crazy jungle maze to get lost in, and even a mini-golf to test your putting skills.

Rides and Attractions at Adventure Island Rohini

Get Your Heart Racing on These Thrill Rides!

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, Best Day to Visit


Calling all roller coaster enthusiasts! Z-Force flips you upside down and drops you at high speeds, perfect for those who crave an adrenaline rush.

Side Winder

Feeling adventurous? This ride hangs you upside down and spins you around in circles, guaranteed to leave you dizzy and wanting more.

Sky Riders

Ever dreamed of soaring through the sky? Sky Riders lets you experience the thrill of flight in a simulated flying machine.

Lightning Bolt

Hold on tight! This fast-paced ride zips and zags with sharp drops, making it perfect for those who love a good jolt.

Space Jump

Take the plunge from a towering platform and experience a moment of weightlessness before a thrilling descent.

Family Fun for All Ages!

Adventure Island isn’t just about heart-pounding rides. It offers a variety of family-friendly attractions to keep everyone entertained:


Get ready to spin! This ride takes you on a swirling adventure that’s perfect for the whole family.

Air Pogo

Bounce high in the air on these air-powered trampolines. It’s a fun and energetic experience for kids and adults alike.

Wave Rocker

These giant seesaws will have you rocking back and forth for a playful and nostalgic ride.

Kids Bumper Cars

Let your little ones unleash their inner driver on this safe and exciting bumper car track.

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, Best Day to Visit

Bungee Trampoline

Jump even higher with the help of bungee cords! This activity is a guaranteed good time for kids who love bouncing.

Tiny TV Transit

Take your kids on a whimsical ride in these adorable miniature television-shaped cars.

Fire Brigade

Calling all future firefighters! Let your kids climb aboard a pretend fire truck and extinguish a make-believe fire.

Bush Buggies

Feel like an off-road adventurer on this exciting buggy track ride.

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price, Timings, Best Day to Visit

Splash Down & Splash Dunk

Beat the heat with these refreshing water rides. Prepare to get a little wet!

Beyond the Rides:

Adventure Island offers more than just rides. Here’s what else you can find:

Climbing Wall

Test your strength and agility on this challenging climbing structure.

Wild Wheel

Take a spin on this giant hamster wheel for a fun and unique experience.


Enjoy various games and activities throughout the park, offering additional entertainment for the whole family.

Restaurants and Shops

Refuel after your adventures with delicious food and drinks at the park’s restaurants. Grab some souvenirs to remember your exciting day!

Getting to Adventure Island:

The park is super easy to get to. It’s right near the Rithala Metro Station in Sector 10, Rohini. So you can just hop on the metro and get there without any hassle.

Adventure Island Rohini Timings

Adventure Island is usually open from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Park Timing

Open Time11:00 AM
Closing Time7:00 PM

Ticket Counter Timing

Open Time10:30 AM
Closing Time6:00 PM

Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price

There are two ways to pay to enter the park. You can get a regular ticket, which lets you stay in the park all day but doesn’t include unlimited rides. Or you can get an unlimited ride ticket, which lets you go on as many rides as you want during the day. Prices are different for adults, kids, and senior citizens.

If you choose a ticket with unlimited rides, then here are the prices.

Weekdays (Monday To Friday)Adventure Island Rohini Ticket Price
AdultINR 350
ChildINR 350
Sr. CitizenINR 350
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 
AdultINR 500
ChildINR 500
Sr. CitizenINR 500

Facilities Available at Adventure Island Rohini

Drinking Water: Stay hydrated throughout the day with readily available drinking fountains.

First Aid: In case of minor injuries, the park has a first-aid facility with a well-equipped ambulance for assistance.

ATM: No need to worry about running out of cash, as there’s an ATM on-site to withdraw money.

Parking: The park boasts a huge parking area that can accommodate over 1700 cars and 1000 two-wheelers (parking charges apply).

Wheelchair Accessibility: The park ensures easy access for differently-abled guests with ramps, lifts, and wheelchairs available for rent.

Washrooms: Well-maintained washrooms are located throughout the park for your convenience.

Guest Briefing Areas: Each ride has a designated area with information about the ride, like height restrictions and safety instructions.

Food and Drinks: While outside food and drinks are not allowed, the park offers a variety of restaurants and food stalls catering to different tastes and budgets. You can find everything from snacks and quick bites to full meals.

Things To Carry for Adventure Island Rohini

Tickets: Make sure you have your tickets handy for entry. You can purchase them online or at the park entrance.

Valid ID: (for some ticket offers)

Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Choose clothes and shoes that you can move around in easily. Please wear loose-fitting clothes for spinning rides.

Sunscreen and Hat: Protect yourself from the sun, especially if it’s a hot day.

Cash or Debit Card: While there’s an ATM, it’s always good to have some cash on hand for food, drinks, or souvenirs. You can also use a debit card at most vendors.

Water Bottle: Although there are drinking fountains, a refillable water bottle is a good idea to stay hydrated throughout the day (check park rules about outside drinks).

Small Backpack: Since lockers aren’t available, a small backpack can hold essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. However, avoid bringing anything bulky or valuable.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

Change of Clothes: If you plan on participating in water rides (Splash Down and Splash Dunk), a change of clothes and a towel can be helpful.

Camera: Capture your fun moments at the park (professional cameras are not allowed).

Cash for Parking: There’s a parking fee if you’re coming by car.

Tips for your Visit

Try to go to Adventure Island during the week if you can. It gets less crowded than on weekends and holidays.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfy shoes, especially if it’s going to be a hot one!

There are food stalls inside the park where you can grab snacks, drinks, and meals.

Always follow the safety rules and listen to the instructions for each ride so you have a fun and safe day.

More than just rides!

Adventure Island is more than just rides. The park is all decorated with cool stuff, and there are even live shows sometimes. There are also shops where you can buy souvenirs to remember your trip.

So if you’re looking for a day of thrills and chills for the whole family, Adventure Island Rohini is the place to be! Just remember to check their website for the latest info before you go.

Interesting Facts About Adventure Island

Bollywood Connection

This amusement park has been a popular filming location for several Bollywood movies, adding to its claim to fame. Movies like “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl,” “PK,” and “Pyar Ka Punchnama” all have scenes shot here.

MAD Show Extravaganza

Beyond the adrenaline rush, Adventure Island offers a live entertainment spectacle called the MAD Show. This acronym stands for Music, Acrobatics & Dance, promising a captivating display of magic tricks, dances, musical performances, and even fire shows.

Co-Ownership Surprise

The park’s ownership structure might surprise you. Adventure Island is jointly owned by IAL (International Amusement Ltd) and UL (Unitech Ltd), an interesting collaboration that has brought this entertainment hub to life.

Planetary Play

While it might not be a spaceship ride, a dedicated area called Planet Pogo exists within the park. This section is a result of a collaboration with Turner Network Television, offering a unique themed experience, especially for younger visitors.

How to Reach Adventure Island Rohini

By Metro: Reaching by metro is one of the most convenient ways to reach Adventure Island Rohini, especially if you’re coming from other parts of Delhi. The nearest metro station is Rithala Metro Station on the Red Line. It’s just a short walk (around 9 minutes) from the park’s entrance.

I hope this helps you plan your exciting adventure!

Places To Visit Near Adventure Island Rohini

After all the thrills at Adventure Island Rohini, here are some nearby places to check out:

Swarn Jayanti Park (Japanese Park): Just a short walk away, this park offers a peaceful escape with gardens, walking paths, a boating lake, and a children’s play area. Perfect for a picnic or a relaxing stroll.

Malls for Shopping and Entertainment:

City Centre Mall Rohini: This closest mall is a short walk away and has shops, restaurants, bowling, and a cinema.

Unity One Metro Mall: Another option a little further with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

North Ex Mall: This larger mall boasts popular brands, restaurants, and a multiplex cinema (slightly further than the others).

Upscale Shopping Malls:

D Mall (1.9 km away) & Pacific Mall (2.2 km away): If you want more options and a fancy vibe, head to these malls with international brands, fine dining, gaming zones, and PVR cinemas.

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